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1. Doing constructive activities with both boys has gotten so much easier! They're two years and four months apart in age {Asher is almost four and Silas is about one a half} and we can finally all sit at the table and do play-doh, finger painting, easy learning games, etc, without many hysterics from the little one. Same with reading books. I'd pretty much given up on reading to both of them at the same time because of the general havoc that always ensued. Between fighting over who got to sit directly in my lap, blocking each other's view, and turning pages at random, it was just way too chaotic to be enjoyable. But- though there is still a little ruckus over who gets to sit in my lap- the three of us can generally sit down and enjoy books together now.
2. Silas started going down the stairs by himself. Ah! Praise God. That makes my life so much easier. {By the way, I love his new little high-tops.} 
3. The boys are starting to wrestle and it is so, so cute. I can't wait to see all three of them in their rough & tumble prime a couple of years from now.
4. Lots of outdoor time in Virginia, where the weather was sunny and warm, and then lots of fun in the snow back in New York. Young kids + long, frigid winters is not an easy combination, but having Thane home to make the best of it with us is such a blessing!

1. Unpredictability. No two days as a stay-at-home-mom are ever totally alike. Temperaments and tolerances are up and down {my own included} and even though most days are made up of the same old stuff, I truly never know how the day will go. Sometimes things are truly great; productive, relaxing, enjoyable, and steady paced. On days like I that I'm on top of the world and I'm ready to have three more kids and {maybe} be a homeschooling extraordinaire! But other days it just feels like chaos and drudgery and trying to make even a two minute escape into the bathroom by myself is countered by Silas screaming outside of the door and Asher trying to open it. Granted, entire days are never like's really more like the twenty minutes before nap time {go figure}. I love my boys and they are my world! But it would be a lie if I said those twenty minutes didn't have me wondering what in world I got into when I signed up to be a mom, hahaha. I guess I like a structured, predictable, well-oiled routine, which is just super challenging when it comes to kids.
2. So remember how I mentioned having no clue how much pregnancy weight I've gained and not really caring? Well I finally took a look at my chart to see how I was doing... Uh-oh. Looks like I'm only about five pounds away from the weight that I delivered Asher at, which wouldn't be all that bad if I still didn't have fourteen weeks to go... Yikes. This probably explains why I've been feeling so uncomfortable even in the second trimester. So, in conjunction with trying to keep up with my aerobics routine like I mentioned in my goals for 2015 post, I'm also taking the time to get serious about my diet. I loaded up on fresh leafy greens and veggies last week and pretty much started a salad factory in the kitchen. I'm certainly not going to kill myself over this, but between healthier foods, smaller portions, and some moderate exercise, I'm hoping to get back on track.

P.S. Started a weekly photo project for 2015, portraits of the boys! There's a link to it under "Categories", to the right, and here are the first and second weeks. Is anybody else doing it this year? 


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