Getting Silas' nursery tidied up inspired me to do the same for Asher's room. It's very orange. Even the paint has a peachy tinge to it. But orange seems to fit his happy, energetic personality so well, so it works for now! Just like Silas' nursery, there's no real theme in this room. But some of my favorite details are the plain white bedding, the vintage animal-print pillows, the white-washed pine crates stacked next to the bed {they're a very easy DIY project}, the globe, the {$20!} graphic rug from IKEA, and the orange piggy bank. A lot of this was either in his original nursery, thrifted, or items we already owned. So I really never put a whole lot of effort towards this room, but you know what? Kids wreck their rooms! Constantly. And if there's any doubt in your mind about that, just come over and see what it looks like right now, hahaha. Anyway, I would have loved to put up real curtains over the thermal liners and add some vintage maps and some burlap accents to play off of the cork boards hanging over the bed {don't ask me where I get these ideas}. But with another move around the corner and the fact that Asher and Silas will most likely share a room in whatever house we live in next, I'm going to wait. Window sizes will change, so why worry about the curtains...and we're pretty sure we're going to trade out Asher's queen sized bed for two stacking twin beds. So there will be a lot of changes. Not to mention that I have no clue how things are going to work when the new baby comes and Silas is still little enough to be his crib...but eventually the two bigger boys will get their own twin beds. And I'm excited for that! I love the idea of them sharing a room so much that I'm almost tempted to move them in together now. Probably shouldn't do that for a variety of obvious reasons, ha! But I can't wait to see how their shared big-boy room comes together wherever we land next. In the meantime, I'm trying to enjoy every ounce of this beautiful old spacious Victorian home. We'll probably never live in a house quite like this again, and that's okay, I'm ready to downsize. But what a blessing this house has been!


Mari Barton said...

I'm impressed by how little clutter there is. How do you deal with toys? We are constantly given toys by family and it's almost impossible to keep then at a manageable level in the girls room and our toy room.

Anonymous said...

It's hard, Mari! And his room still gets cluttered. I just do my best to only have so many toys within reach, and to put lots away for a time/give lots away once it's no longer being used. I wrote a little more about my attempt to tame all of the kid clutter in this post- Good luck!

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