It's been nineteen months since he was born and I've finally come to terms with the fact that Silas will never have a finished nursery. I spent hours upon hours tending to every little detail of Asher's first room, but very little on Silas' despite having every intention of doing so. I wanted a mostly black and white theme with this cute mustache print as an accent. Then we moved in the later months of Silas' pregnancy, had to set up a new house, had him at a time that was sandwiched in between Thane being away for lots of training, spent another month or two at home adjusting to life as a family of four, moved away for a couple of months, came back for two weeks, said goodbye to Thane when he left on deployment #2, then the boys and I moved again. In other words, life went bonkers for about a year and a half, and Silas' nursery just never quite came together. The mustache blanket never got ordered, the walls didn't get painted, and the old carpet didn't get replaced {I'm not crazy about the blue on blue}. And now we're about to move again and it's almost time for the two big boys to transition to a shared room when little boy #3 arrives this spring. So, the ship has sailed on the room I'd envisioned for Silas.

But the other day I got motivated enough to organize it, give it a deep clean, and hang a few things on the wall. And guess what? I got a huge surprise in the mail when my sister-in-law sent me the mustache blanket! {See it in the crib?} Ah! And wow, what a difference it's all made! It's definitely still a bit of an eclectic, mix & match kind of a room, and the walls above the crib and the changing table could use a little dressing up... But if only I had some photos of what it looked like just a couple of days ago! It was a cluttered mess. Mostly because "doing it right" seemed overwhelming and it was just easier to keep it relegated to the back burner. But I guess it was good- and definitely ironic- to finally let go of my grand plans since it led to a few small, easy improvements that made a huge difference.

And to be really honest, this is a good lesson for me. Design and aesthetics are a passion of mine, but more often than not I just need to get over myself and be okay with less-than-perfect. After all, there's no such thing! So it's high time I start living that way and embrace the freedom in that. 

Have a great day, friends!


Jenn Viar said...

What you think of as "not finished" is adorable! I love the mustache blanket but I gotta say the Henderson's Best sign is my favorite:)

Sarah said...

The nursery turned out beautiful! I feel bad though that you intended the mustache theme for Silas otherwise I would have gotten you something to go with the theme you were thinking of for baby #3... darn! Love the posts. Keep them coming! I try to manage a blog of my own at Nothing fancy - the name says it all! Haha!

Sarah Keller said...

That's ok Sarah, I definitely want to use it for the next boy! I'm super excited to have gotten it, what a great gift from you!

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