Ok. I'm putting my foot down. I have one more year until I'm 30 and it's time to start dressing like it. No more trendy clothes from the junior department, and no more jackets or shirts or pants that don't quite fit but I buy anyway because "they were on sale!"  

In other words, J.Crew, here I come.

One/ J.Crew's Classic Chambray Popover  | Two/ J.Crew's Leggings | Three/ J.Crew's Keeper Chambray Shirt  | Four/ J.Crew's Stretch Perfect Shirt (in TALL sizing!) | Five/ Madewell's Skinny Calf Hair Belt  | Six/ American Eagle's Embroidered Stripe Scarf | Seven/ Sam Edelman's Petty Booty (via Nordstrom) | Eight/ J.Crew's Toothpick Cord (in TALL sizing!)

I started a new Wardrobe Wishlist board on Pinterest to keep track of what I'd like to invest in.

Honestly, I've been telling myself to make this change for years. But I haven't because 1) I've been between three different pregnancies/weight fluctuations in the past three years {which makes clothes shopping a little difficult}. 2) We haven't lived close to many nice clothing stores in a while, and I've always been shy about shopping online. 3) I tend to be "thrifty" {to put it nicely}, and most importantly, I didn't know if this would be God-honoring leap to make. Verses like these made me hesitant- "Now godliness with contentment is great gain" {1 Timothy 6:6} and "Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one's life does not consist in the abundance of things he possesses." {Luke 12:15} These are certainly, certainly true and the last thing I want to do is depart from good biblical wisdom. And praise God for His good graces toward me, because I'm no stranger to rushing into folly. But I have to have a balanced biblical approach to all things...Scripture by no means gives a dollar amount for what is or is not appropriate to spend on clothing, and we can't forget the Virtuous Wife who wears"fine linen and purple" {Proverbs 31:22b}.  

In my case, I'm starting to think that it's better to invest $80 on one good quality shirt that I'll wear for years versus $80 on four cheap shirts that I'll wear a handful of times before they're relegated to unworn closet clutter. I find myself missing the things my Grandmother Mary Alice used to make for me by hand. There is a lot to be said about good, quality tailoring! So, my goal is to make this change to my clothes buying habits in a faithful, moderate, and God-honoring way. {Let's hope I'm not kidding myself on this point.}

And to do that, I'm imposing some new rules onto myself; no clothes shopping at Target, Ross, T.J. Max, Old Navy, or the like, for an indefinite amount of time. I'm going to stick with J.Crew, Madewell, and maybe Gap. {Plus, J.Crew and Gap sell Tall sizing! Another thing I really need.} And after starting with a handful of purchases with the help of some birthday money and a very doting husband, I'm going to restrict myself to one new clothes item a month.

Wish me luck, folks, and hold me accountable!


Jess @ Jess Runs ATL said...

Try Ann Taylor and Loft, too. Much classier than old navy, but less expensive than J. Crew. And they have a huge tall selection online!

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