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22(?) WEEKS

It's funny how much changes from the first pregnancy to the third. When I was pregnant with Asher, I started a whole blog for the sake of recording every little detail of it. But this time I can't even remember how many weeks along I am, or the name of my midwife {or is she a doctor?}, or where in the world my OB record book is that I'm supposed to take to every visit but don't, or how many pounds I've gained, or any of that stuff. Heck, some days I almost forget I'm pregnant. And you know what? It's okay. It's kind of a relief, actually. 

There was nothing like the thrill of being pregnant for the very first time. But it's also nice to be busy with the two boys I already have so that I'm not anxiously waiting, wondering, and worrying about this one. {Granted, I still worry a little knowing not every pregnancy ends with a baby in your arms.} But overall, I like being able to go about life without obsessing over every detail of this third little boy's arrival. I'm not even worried about the delivery! Not that I'm looking forward to it- a couple of months ago I was downright dreading it and seriously considering an epidural this time- but as far as who attends the delivery, I'm not stressing {so far, hahaha}. I was really blessed to get my preference and be able to deliver with the same midwife who administered all of my routine OB care for Asher and Silas. {See their birth stories here and here.} It's wonderful to be attended by someone you know and trust. But this time it will be one of the six-eight midwives or doctors who happens to be on rotation when the time comes. In other words, I have no clue who will be there. But again, that's okay. God is my Rock, Thane is my advocate, and my body is the one that will most likely be doing the work. So, midwife or doctor, natural or medicated, the baby will come according to His plan and His grace will cover the details. 

I can't help but think the verse that says that it is "for freedom [that] Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery" {Galatians 5:1}. It's so easy to lose sight of the freedom we have in Christ, especially in America where have "freedoms" coming out of our ears. But His freedoms are nothing like what the government gives. He has the power to free us from sin, worry, and the ever-nagging need to feel like we're in control. Those are the things that sneak into our lives and rob us of joy. It's admittedly hard to put total, unwavering trust in someone- anyone- else, and it's something I still fail at half of the time. But the pursuit of trusting the One who proves unfailingly trustworthy is so worthwhile. And in the times when I see myself letting go of what I would normally be in knots over, I give Him the praise.

Silas helped me roll my pant legs up, what a cutie. And one more thing, I cut my bangs! I should have waited to have them done professionally, but YouTube tutorials like this one make it possible to do a little spur of the moment hair cutting...

Have a great day, friends!

P.S. Still staying out of maternity clothes for the most part! Technically my pants don't button...but I can live with that.

Top- J.Crew & it comes in Tall!
Jeans- Target {similar}


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