Well one thing's for sure, all of us North County folks had an interesting week! Snow, snow, and more snow. We got home from our trip to Virginia and then the boys and I basically spent an entire week at home just watching it come down. Normally it would have driven me crazy to stay home so many days in a row, but it was a surprisingly great week! First of all, Thane got two days off of work- probably the best perk about winter at Drum- and BOY it is nice to have my husband around this time of the year. I'm already doing infinitely less shoveling/cleaning off my car than I did last year when he was off on his desert soiree, hahaha. Let's just say that he's definitely broken in his new snow shovel, and I appreciate him so much! He's also really great at getting Asher outside to play or go sledding. Silas and the puppy can only take about ten or fifteen minutes before they're done, so I'm SO thankful to have a daddy around who makes the time to make the most of the snow for Asher's sake.

On another note, how's everyone's resolutions for 2015 going? I'm happy to say that we did a lot more than just watch the snow fall this week, all of the time indoors gave me a chance to get a jump on some of my goals for 2015. I cooked the sweet & sour chicken recipe that I wanted to try and it was a hit- even Asher liked it! I also started taking the time to do some journaling with my bible reading {it makes such a big difference}, and loaded up more boxes of random household stuff to get donated to the local Mission {more on that here}. In the process of all of that, I got Silas' room cleaned up and started working on Asher's too. And because I had a LOT of extra time on my hands, haha, I started a 52 Week Photo Project of portraits of our kids. See the first week here. Then we topped it all off with a nice Sunday morning in church and a house full of people for our Sunday night bible study. Praise God for such a relaxing, refreshing week! It will get a lot more challenging as the cold, snowy weeks stretch on. But with such a great start and with the ever-present grace of God, we'll make it. All of us!


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