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"We're not going to buy a house..."

...we’re not going to buy a house...we’re not going to buy a house…
Yep, we bought a house. 

Despite trying to convince myself that we weren't going to buy anything in Watertown, here we are with our second piece of real estate! It’s funny how your perspective on things can do a 360 overnight. What seemed like a bad idea from far away actually seemed like a great idea from up close.

All of the cons of buying a house were quickly replaced by pros once we arrived in Watertown and saw that:

1) On-base housing had a two month wait list.
2) Off-base rentals left much to be desired {more about that here}. 
3) We could buy our dream home at an affordable price, take out a 15 year mortgage, and still come in at our monthly housing allotment! {Which means no out of pocket living expenses}.

The funny thing about this property is that we’d been eyeing it online for months, when moving to New York was just a dream of mine. {And any time there’s even a faint prospect of moving to a new town- which is fairly often in the Army- we peruse the local real estate online. Basically, I love houses and my husband loves investments.} So, the fact that we actually made it to Watertown, viewed the house we’d been dreaming about, and both agreed that it was the one after a five minute walk through is kind of extraordinary. I'm not superstitious, but it’s hard to chalk this up to mere coincidence. 

So, maybe, by some design of Jesus and fate, it was meant to be! One thing is for sure- we are extremely, extremely blessed and thankful. Not only did He leave His own perfect home in Heaven to come to earth to seek us and save us, but He continually pours His love, truth, and provision into our lives in such abundance that it's hard to wrap my head around it. {Not a sermon, just a thought- ha}. But seriously, there's no way we will ever, ever, ever be able to repay Him for His kindness and generosity to us. And this new house is just icing on the cake compared to everything else. If you've never met Him personally, please take a moment and read about how I did. He's waiting with open arms for all of us, not willing that any of us should live without a personal relationship with Him.

P.S. These photos are just a few peaks, more to come soon!

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