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1. Moving day.
2. The straightest my hair will ever be after my last cut and style {I had to document it}.
3. Boxes, boxes, and more boxes. Summary of our life these past weeks!
4. Asher and Daddy in front of the castle in the 1000 Island region. Everything shuts down here in the dead of winter, but next time we go we'll do more exploring.

For the first time since late January, life is finally starting to feel normal again. The boxes commented on in photo #3 are almost entirely gone from our house {which means we're unpacked, although not exactly organized}, and there's time for normal, everyday things that don't involve any form of chaos-control. We're not done yet...there's still flooring to be laid, curtains to be hung, soap and a towel to be put in the half bath, etc. As a matter of fact, the entire upstairs is still in upheaval and nobody is sleeping in their permanent room. But by the grace of God we're at the point where we can slow down a little and relax! I've had absolutely no time, energy, nor motivation to pick up my camera in weeks. But hopefully that {and more blogging} will follow soon.

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