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57 Days & {Still} Counting

Well folks, we're 57 days out from the move from our Georgia home. Today was the day we were supposed to be closing on our new house here in Watertown, but the good Lord had other plans! Or, perhaps I should say that guy processing our loan has vacation plans. Which delays us another ten days. Yes, ten. Not one or two or even five, but ten. But nevertheless, this {somewhat agonizing} extended wait will no doubt be used for our good {Romans 8:28}. 

We're so thankful for the generosity of our good friends who've opened up their home for us while we wait! Waiting another ten days seems like an eternity right now. But it would be so much worse if we were still stuck in a hotel. So we're practicing patience and excitedly looking forward to being settled again! And once that happens, I'll share more details about the new house and adventures in Watertown. {Internet connection is limited where we are now, hence the crickets you're hearing over here on the blog...}.

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