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Update: 39 week photos here, and baby Finn's arrival announcement here!

36 weeks! Wow, when did that happen? Two days ago, actually, but what I really mean is where did the time go? I'm so glad that a few of you asked for some photos, because the last ones I posted were at 22 weeks and I'm honestly not sure I would have gotten around to taking these. So thank you.

If this little guy comes around the same timeline as Asher and Silas, that means we have about three weeks to go. But whether it's three, four, five, or more {hopefully not the "more" one, haha}, it's soon! I'm slowly getting things checked off of the pre-baby to do list. So far I've taken care of the hair cut, the hospital paperwork, washing the infant car seat plus all of the baby clothes, and I've started gathering up a few things to go in my hospital bag. It occurred to me the other day that I didn't put anything on the list about prepping and freezing meals. Maybe I need to do that...but if I don't get around to it, oh well. Something tells me we'll be just fine whether I have ten frozen casseroles in the freezer or not. But either way, I'll take that burst of nesting energy any time now please!

Even though there's still plenty to do, I'm really going to try to take it easy these next few weeks. Local friends- hold me to it. I'm not good at slowing down, but I really want to attempt to be rested and relaxed and to soak up as much quality time with Thane, Asher, and Silas as I can while it's just the four of us. As excited as I am to hurry up and start the next chapter of our lives with three{!} little boys, these past months have been really, really wonderful and I don't want to wish them away too quickly!


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