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Hi friends, just wanted to pop in with a couple of 39 week photos! I must say that between the long winter indoors and the pregnancy, this last month or two has felt exceptionally long- like we've been in a holding pattern just waiting for the next chapter of our lives to start. {Remind me to never be in the third trimester in the dead of winter again, please!} But we're so thankful to God to be on the cusp of all that's coming next- not just the new baby, shorts and flip-flops and my non-pregnant self too, ahh!- and so thankful that he's seen us through some of what we hope were the more challenging parts of this year. 

Needless to say, things are getting very exciting around here...not only is spring finally seeming to stick, but this little boy should be making his grand appearance any day now! And we're ready. The pre-baby checklist is done, there's already been some progress in the labor department, and with the weather finally getting better we're outside playing and walking and hoping to help things along. And another thing to be thankful for is that the month long allergy attack I seem to get here every year is just about over, praise God. I wasn't one bit excited about the prospect of delivering a baby with a massive sinus infection on top of it.

If you think about it, please pray that all will go smoothly with our upcoming delivery. Thanks a bunch, and hopefully there will be exciting news to share soon!


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