The Good
1) The first trimester is OVER. And has been for a few weeks now. Hallelujah, I can function again! I feel so much better that I even started exercising.
2) Family dinner time has gone from massively chaotic to just semi-chaotic. {Silas is learning not to throw food-flying tantrums in his high-chair}.
3) Asher and I got some true one-on-one quality time today. When Thane was away we got a lot of it because we'd spend a good chunk of time reading books and talking before going to bed. But now Thane puts him to bed most nights, so I have to try to fit solo-time with him elsewhere.
4) The boys are playing so well together! It's so great for Asher to have a sibling old enough to be a real playmate. It felt like it took a long time to get to this point, but now that we're here I'm really appreciating the fact that he doesn't have to rely on me for entertainment 100% of the time.
5) Asher just had his first soccer practice! It took him a while to warm up and start participating, and even then he still wasn't thrilled with it. He was that kid lagging behind, frowning, and rubbing his eyes the whole time to avoid making eye contact with the coaches. But I'm hoping that as the weeks go by he'll get more and more comfortable and grow to love it. {Does that mean I'm a soccer mom now? Nah.}

The Not So Good
1) The constant mess. Now that Silas is walking, climbing, reaching countertops, and opening drawers and doors, every room he goes into turns into a total disaster. I'm talking clothes in the toilet, turning sinks on and drenching the floor and himself, emptying out every lower cabinet in the kitchen, stealing food and eating it through the packages, etc. And Asher- though he was never much trouble on his own- joins in on the fun. 
2) I cannot keep up with two toddlers. If I have one under control, chances are the other one is wreaking total havoc. The other day in the Gap I was hurriedly trying some pants on Asher in the middle of the store so that we didn't have to bother with the dressing room. Meanwhile, Silas was quietly strapped into the stroller right next to us. As soon as I got done with Asher, I looked over to realize that somehow Silas had reached into my bag, pulled out my wallet, and dumped every single card, receipt, paper, and piece of money onto the floor. I feel like this kind of thing happens constantly! 
3) I shouldn't talk about this as if it's uncommon or a season that will pass- but the laundry. Oh, the laundry. I'm starting to think it would be easier {albeit smellier} to just go back to the times when you owned two items of clothing and washed them by hand once a month. In the past I've wondered if getting rid of half of our clothes would help, and came to the conclusion that I'd have to washes more often, which would be just as hard. But you know what? I ALREADY do non-stop washes, so actually it wouldn't make a bit of difference. How in the world do you moms with more than just a husband and two kids do it? 
4) This is that time of year when all the sicknesses start going around. Asher and Silas were sick on and off for the last two weeks. It was mostly minor coughs and runny noses, but it started with Silas having a serious case of croup. Poor guys!

What about the rest of you mammas? What was life with your kiddos like this week?

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