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It's the epitome of girly, but posting A Dress I Never Wore was so much fun that I decided to do another outfit post. This might just have to become a regular thing.

So I have a goal for this pregnancy; wear as few maternity clothes as possible. Which really just means buy as little as possible/use what I already have and love for as long as possible. This might be my last pregnancy, and so I really don't want to put any more cash into maternity wear. It'll get harder towards the end, but between some oversized shirts I already own plus the maternity tops and pants I already have, I think it should be as easy goal to keep.

So, that being said, let me just say that whoever came up with the skinny legged sweat pant concept is a genius. I've had my eye on a pair like this for the last few months. The first two or three I tried on looked better on the hanger than on me, but when I found this celery green Reebok version I was sold. I was only 16 weeks pregnant in these photos, but it seems like the pounds are piling on fast this time and lot of my jeans are already uncomfortably tight- even with a Belly Band.

But these sweats are great because they get worn around the house on lazy days inside but they can also get dressed up with a button-up and some cute flats and not look totally ridiculous. For the record, Thane thinks they are totally ridiculous, but even if he's right, I don't care. Call it desperate-mom-of-two-plus-pregnant-with-another style, but these are all I want to wear! If money grew on trees I'd buy a pair in every color, they are that heavenly.

What about you guys? Anybody else been sporting the skinny sweat pant look?

Just in case I've convinced you to give the dressed up sweat pant look a try, here's where you can find it:

Chambray shirt- J.Crew {it comes in Tall sizing!}
Sweat pants- Reebok, from Dicks Sporting Goods
Leopard Flats- Similar

On a totally different note, I updated my testimony this week. Same story and same great God, just added a new graphic and introductory paragraph. Check it out!

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