One thing I've never been all that into is shopping for kids clothes. Probably because 1) We were given massive quantities of baby clothes when Asher was born. 2) Silas came next and we already had everything we needed for another boy. 3) Boys clothes don't tend to be all that fun to browse through, especially when most of it says something like "Mom's Little Football Player" on the front. Sorry, that just doesn't get me excited.

But things have changed around here. And very recently, at that. I have to admit that just a few short months ago I felt totally lost in the boys clothing department. And more than just lost, downright intimidated. What?! Since when is shopping {for me, the fashion major} intimidating? I guess I'm just not that good at sorting through a sea of tiny little things that come in a vast array of sizes in the middle of the usual mayhem that ensues when two little boys are stuck in a shopping cart. Not to mention the debate over which size won't swallow them alive yet also won't be outgrown in a month. But I couldn't just keep putting it off like usual, Thane was close to getting home from the deployment and of course we had to look cute for the Welcome Home ceremony.

But anyway, it took me about three different outings to find everything for the boys' outfits. And it wasn't much fun, it really just felt like a chore. But once their little outfits were all pulled together, I realized some things. The first was wow, little boys can look so handsome and sweet and put together in nice clothes! The second was that not everything is as babyish {like with all the silly quotes} as they were when Asher was born. And third, Asher's halfway into boys sizing now {not just toddler sizing} and there are so many better options to chose from.

And now I cannot stay out of Baby Gap. Especially for Asher, knowing that his clothes will get handed down to Silas and get more use. Just for fun, {and since I've spent way too much time browsing Baby Gap online} here are some of my fall favorites for little guys.

one.  |  two.  |  three.  |  four.  |  five.  |  six.  |  seven.  |  eight.  |  nine.

And now for more cuteness.

Have a great day, friends!

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