Since I'd gotten the camera out to take some photos of my new Scripture art, I went ahead and photographed the whole room.

I've actually been doing some updating in here lately. This room gets a lot of beautiful light when the sun is shining, but we weren't spending much time in here so I scoured my brain for ways I could make it more inviting and functional. And in this house, functional means kid-friendly. 

So, I removed the coffee table for more play space on the floor, added a few $2 mid-century chairs from the local Urban Mission for extra seating, and moved in a bookshelf stocked full of books. {I have zero time for leisure reading, but it's fun to pretend.} Then I draped some blue chevron window valences over the arms of the white sofas to protect them from spills {they'd been sitting in a box unused anyway}, and I flipped the jute rug over since the top side has accumulated quite a history in stains. Note: Jute rugs are pretty, but I won't ever buy one again.Even if the stain comes out, the water-mark from wetting it never goes away. But on the plus side, it's perfect for a kid's train set. It's low pile and flat enough to build tracks on, but still softer than sitting on the wood floor. And since my goal was to get us using this room more often, that's working in our favor!

The best part about updating this room was that it cost absolutely nothing to do it! There's nothing more satisfying than working with what we already have to improve a space.

P.S. The glass elephant is our little token of our time spent in Georgia when we lived in the White Elephants. I wanted to get him in the photos, but he didn't stay within reach of all the little fingers in this house for long!

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