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For the Love of Blogs

I've had my feet up lately. No house means {almost} no cooking, no cleaning, no organizing, no projects. Not to mention, no church commitments to keep me busy for the time being.  {Read more about our current Army move here and here}. And so blog-land has offered safe refuge from boredom. For a while I had a few favorites I followed, mostly based on home decor, fashion, and photography. But lately I've been wishing I could find inspiring blogs written by Christian women and moms. Typing "Christian blogs" into Google really didn't yield much, so for a while I was coming up empty... Until I stumbled upon Jen's site, who lead me to the Kincaids, who lead to many more gems! I'm so thankful for these women and moms who love Jesus and are doing a beautiful job of sharing Him online. And I'm so thankful to have stumbled across them in the providence of God!

Here are a few who also link to other great ones from their sites...

Stay-at-home moms who loves Jesus:
Lindsay @ Passionate Homemaking {she's on break but has great resources on her site}.
Bethany @ And Then There Were Four... {a personal friend of mine}.

An inspirational woman after the heart of God:
Nadine @ A Secondary Heartbeat

She Reads Truth
And here's a whole collection of women via She Reads Truth. {Just found these today so I haven't seen a lot of them yet, but they seem promising!}

I hope these are a blessing and an encouragement to you!

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