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37 Days & Counting

It's been 37 days since we moved out of our home in Georgia, and we have 15 days to go until we're scheduled to move into our new home in New York. Let me just say that even according to the usual craziness that comes with Army life, this feels like a long, long {did I say long?} time to be between houses {about 52 days total by the end of it}. So far we've spent five days with some wonderful church friends in Georgia, about three weeks with our family in Virginia, 10 days in a hotel on Fort Drum, and now we're blessed to have a friend's house all to ourselves until our own home is ready to move into. We've heard horror stories of entire families living in a hotel for up to two months here before getting a house. So praise God that we've been on the receiving end of such generous hospitality! 

I don't have normal internet use on my laptop for the time being, so posting will probably be sporadic or non-existent over the next couple of weeks. But once life settles down, I'll have lots of fun things to share {God willing}! 

Here's a quick preview of things coming up:
1) Photos of our new home plus renovation plans!
2) Content from a super, super inspiring book I just finished on biblical motherhood- "Beyond Bath Time" by Erin Davis.
3) Possible potty training adventures {we're hoping to start- and finish- with Asher in this next month or two}.

Until then, we're exploring Watertown, visiting churches, planning some exciting flooring and painting updates for our new house, and meeting some really great people. We're thankful for the patience God is granting us during this long period of transition!

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