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Baby Boy Wishlist

1. Mustache Baby Blanket  /  2. Best Bottoms Diaper Shell in "Hedgehog"  /  3. Scripture prints

I'm finding that one of many great perks of having a second little boy on the way is the fact that there's not a single thing we need to buy for him! {Well, almost...a second crib or at least a big boy bed for Asher may be in order, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.} But as far as the little things like socks, onsies, outfits, and even nursery decor, we're set! So with the essentials taken care of, I have a little bit of room to "dream" about a few fun non-essentials- hence the quirky mustache blanket from Etsy, the hedgehog print diaper cover, and the sweet bible prints. 

Anyone else come across any particularly fun new baby items lately?

P.S. We're planning on cloth diapering again with absolutely no reservations!  

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