So, I'm really not interested in recording every poop and pee story that happens in our house. There's always 'another one where that came from', and there's really only so much I care to talk about the typical diapering and potty horrors.

BUT- similar to the Frost Cafe incident- this one must be recorded.

So...I wake up to find Asher running into my bedroom and throwing his very soaked night-time pull-up right at my face. I scream "NOT ON THE BED!!!" and deflect it with my hand before it hits my face. It lands on the bed. But at least it wasn't my face.

We go downstairs to get breakfast and I make a cup of coffee. As I'm starting my first sip, Asher has a bout of diarrhea {after drinking a lot of juice at the fellowship dinner from the previous night}. He makes it upstairs in time, or so I think. He comes back down with his backside totally covered. I clean him up and go upstairs to assess the damage. 

Poop everywhere. On the floor, in his underwear and pants that he'd been wearing, on the backside of his little training potty, and all over the regular toilet where he tried to flush some of it himself. I clean this up.

I get back downstairs, attempt another sip of {now lukewarm} coffee, and put Asher in the bath. While sitting there and beginning to relax with Silas on my lap, I realize that Silas has also had a bout of diarrhea and it's coming out of his diaper and is all over his clothes. I get Asher out of the bath a few minutes later and up the stairs we go to clean Silas up. 

The diaper comes off Silas and gets thrown into the bathroom sink for lack of better place to put it in my haste to quickly get the situation under control. Both boys and I go into my bedroom to get them clean clothes. Asher then points out that he has poop all over the bottom of his foot. Apparently from the drippings that fell onto the dining room floor downstairs directly after his performance of the Texas Diarrhea Massacre in the bathroom earlier. So, back to the bathroom it was, to clean his foot, and then downstairs to clean the mess off of the dining room floor.

Once the dining room floor is wiped up, I re-heat my coffee and we go back upstairs where Silas is still laying on the bed waiting to be dressed. Asher jumps up onto the bed too, and we video-chat with Thane for a few minutes. I recount all of this to him- just in case he needs a little reminder of what he doesn't need to feel bad about missing- assuming the saga was over. 


I notice Asher's hand smells like poop. Sigh. I tell him to go into the bathroom and wash his hands. Before I can get in there to make sure he does it well, he comes running back into my room with a hand totally covered in poop.


I go back into the bathroom to find Silas' dirty diaper on the floor. Oh yeah, I left that in the sink earlier...and now it's all over the floor. Double sigh.

I clean this up, get both boys totally dressed, and take them and the dirty diaper downstairs. By this time it's almost noon. The coffee gets left upstairs.

I spend the next little while scrubbing Silas' dirty diaper out in the mudroom sink.

It's almost noon. The coffee mug is still full and cold all over again. Forget it, I don't even want it anymore.

And with that, allow me to raise my {most likely cold} mug to each of you dear friends also enjoying this stage of parenting. Let us thank our own dear parents for enduring this same stage for our sakes, and think on the fact that despite countless moments of chaos, we know without a doubt that children are indeed a blessing; a "glorious inconvenience" {Pastor M. Driscoll}; and "a heritage from the Lord" {Psalm 127:3a}. Praise God for them!


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