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Fall has faded into winter, and the holidays have come and gone. Here comes the long, slow stretch that we call January, February, and March. And here comes the question that I can never shake for long.

What do I do now?

It's been close to three months since Thane deployed in October. So much has happened since then. We've moved, set up a new house, spent countless hours enjoying family, and even made a new church family. I'm so relieved to say that we've passed that rough adjustment phase, that we've weathered what {I hope} was the hardest part.

But now, in the quiet moments, I find myself wondering what's next. Wondering if we should we be doing something more than just the normal everyday stuff. Wondering how in the world do I pass the next six and half months until Thane comes home?

I'm always tempted to be doing, doing, doing. As if staying busy will grant me a more fulfilling life and bring Thane home faster. And in some ways, it might...but thanks to the wonderful ladies over at She Reads Truth, I'm reminded that it's not always about what I can do... but that "sometimes waiting is the season. Sometimes the endurance is the lesson. Sometimes simply getting through it is the most sanctifying, holy thing you can do."  

And then I'm reminded to "be still" {Psalm 46:10a}. To lay down the idol of "doing" and remember that God is in charge. That His plan supersedes my own. That His purposes will prevail. And that I am "His workmanship" {Ephesians 2:10}.

So, I'm practicing this art of being still. Of seeking Him in the quiet moments. Of embracing simplicity. Of not "needing" to have a perfectly clean house, cook fancy meals, volunteer at church, or even take a shower every day. Of deliberately choosing to enjoy days filled with nothing but the humble, sweet tasks of mothering my boys. Of loving my husband from afar, the best that I can. Of practicing contentment right where I am.

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The Photos
1. Our first letter to Thane, dated October 15th, 2013.
2. The mums growing in our front yard over the fall months.
3. A little late night sewing project...made some colorful bird patterned curtains out of a shower curtain for the farm house.
4. First freeze.
5. New boots!
6. Mini tree.
7. Window markers.
8. I can't even remember the last time I made my bed.


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