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Happy 2nd Birthday, Asher!

Asher's second birthday certainly isn't a conventional one this year because it also happens to be moving day. Today's the day we pack up {once again} and make the transition from Virginia to New York {after moving from Georgia about three weeks ago}. So, no traditional birthday celebration for this little boy, but these past weeks of family time and fun have more than made up for it. And luckily, he's not old enough to mind missing out on a party

And of course I can't help but remember the day of his birth and all that entailed. It's so hard to put into words how amazing that experience was! Praise God.

This collection of photos is from last summer sometime, the balloons seemed appropriate for today. 
1/2/3. Fun with balloons.
4. Let's walk to the playground!
5. For the Gonzalez family, who nicknamed him "Cheeks" a while back.
6. Bark.
7. The beautiful field behind our Georgia house.
8. The perfect "climbing tree" for a toddler.


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