I just wanted to share a little peak at a family portrait art project I did a while back {see the rest of my art here}. These silhouettes hung in our living room and master bedroom in our last home. Now that we're between houses, they're sitting on storage just waiting to get hung again! {Which reminds me, we're in process of possibly closing on a new home in New York the middle of March- more details to come!}

Thane / Sarah / Asher / Eden

The Steps
This was a pretty fast project! There are lots of different ways to do it, but this is what I did: 1) Took photos and/or used photos already on hand of each person's profile. 2) Uploaded them into Photoshop {Microsoft Paint might work well too}, and digitally "cut" the faces out of the photos. I did it this way for sizing purposes but you could skip this step altogether by just printing out the maximum 8x10 photo if that's the size you want. 3) Printed and cut out the full sized faces. 4) Printed out a large, full sized oval for the "frame" and cut it out. 5) Traced the cut-outs from steps 3 and 4 onto blank white canvases. 6) Painted the ovals with acrylic paint.

And praise God, there will be another portrait to add to the pack come June when our next little boy arrives! Being that we'll be living in a hotel from the time he's born until late summer {oh, the army...}, I doubt I'll actually get around to it until he's at least six months old. But it's exciting to anticipate what his sweet little profile will look like!

Any of you guys attempt a similar project lately?

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