Finn turned a week old on Sunday! And hallelujah, he brought the spring with him! We've had a wonderful, wonderful time enjoying our newest little boy and the weather that came with him.

Overall it's been a really relaxing week and a half. Finn's very mellow and content and boy does he sleep! Even the nights are pretty easy on us because he does a good job of going right back to sleep after he gets his tummy full. We'll see if it lasts or not...but so far, adding him to the pack has been a very smooth transition. Asher and Silas love him too! Asher gives him kisses on the forehead and likes to hold him and Silas loves to point him out and say "baby!"

Getting back into the swing of nursing has had it usual challenges, and of course I've been sore and achy and slow and tired. But we're just about past the hardest parts of all of that. And oh my goodness, we've been eating like kings! We're so thankful to all of you who've taken the time to bring meals.

Today is the last day of Thane's paternity leave, which means no more twice a day playground outings for the big boys and no more three hour afternoon naps for me, haha. Part of me wonders how in the world I'll manage all three boys on my own, but I'm {mostly} looking forward to the challenge and it's always nice to get back to a good routine. 

I'll try to get some photos of Finn's little space in our guest room and his birth story posted soon- he's going to be the star of this blog for the time being! It may take a little while to get around to it, but that's okay. The main goal these days is just to take it easy and enjoy being a family of five.

We're so thankful to the Lord and to all of our friends and family for your love and support and for sharing in our excitement over Finn this past week!


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