Hi friends! It's been a very busy couple of weeks with a new baby in the house, but we're finally starting to get back to a new normal {and all three boys are asleep right now} so I wanted to post some photos of the little space we put together for Finn. These photos were taken before he was born, but as much as I wanted to share them then I didn't want to give his name away!

Anyway, I already talked about not putting a real nursery together here because of moving so soon {plus Silas is still happily in the crib}. But I couldn't bring a new baby home without some kind of special little space for him! So the dresser in our guest bedroom became his, complete with his diaper changing supplies, some graphic prints I made for him, and all of his clothes and gear.

Other than the fact that I had to clean my craft stuff out of here {it's where all the magic happened for Asher's last birthday party and Amber's baby shower}, it started as a pretty blank slate...

I got away without buying much. Other than the black frame, the little white container holding the Q-Tips, and the white vase on the nightstand, everything else was either gifted or scavenged from other spots in the house.

Here's a little peak of a crossword puzzle with his first and middle name spelled out in it {thanks Photoshop! I'll try to show the whole thing in another post} plus a close view of the print hanging over the dresser. Phinehas is an Old Testament bible name and the "then stood up Phinehas print" was inspired by Psalm 106:30-31; "Then stood up Phinehas and executed judgement, and the plague was stayed. And that was reckoned unto him for righteousness, from generation to generation, for evermore."

I have no idea how little Finn's room will come together in our next home, but it will probably be similar, only with the crib. Anyway, thanks for taking a peak at Finn's little space! It's simple, but it's all his.


Nicole Regan said...

Love love love it! :) So crisp and well put together! Love how you make prints just for them, might have to steal that idea ;) Gotta put the graphic design degrees to use, right?!

Sarah Michelle Keller said...

Aw, thanks Nicole! And yes, I love having Photoshop and being able to put it to use... We don't even own a color printer, but black and white prints almost always look great!

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