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SILAS / 22 mo. / Had to get a photo of these curls before he gets his first haircut. As much as I love his hair, it's getting long and he rubs it around on everything until it's a big, poofy, frizzy mess, devoid of actual curls. And to be fair, it was Thane that brought up the hair cut idea first...of course I resisted and responded in a "how dare you suggest cutting my baby's hair?!" fashion. But after trying to talk him out of it, I realized he's probably right.

PHINEHAS / 2 weeks / This little boy knows how to sleep, oh my goodness! He's probably awake for about two or three hours a day. I can't remember when they start being awake for longer, but I'm a little anxious for that time to get here. Not that I don't appreciate the fact that his sleeping is helping us ease into having three kids to take care of...but of course I love it when he's awake and alert and looking around.

ASHER / 4 yrs / I'm so proud of Asher, he's got quite a budding mind! He loves playing chess with Thane- they're in the "learning" phase of course. He also loves making jokes and doing anything he can do to make us laugh. My favorite thing might be when he says something that tickles him so much that he laughs all by himself, hahaha. He's quite a lively, happy, humorous little boy.


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