PHOTO*JOURNAL | 2.2.2015 | Sarah Keller: PHOTO*JOURNAL | 2.2.2015


PHOTO*JOURNAL | 2.2.2015

1. Toddler/puppy Mom lesson of the week; separate Willow from the boys when the fingerpaint comes out!
2. The fireplace mantel. I can never quite figure out what to put on it but maybe it's "done" now.
3. Came across some old sketches of mine. The little house was our first real home together when we were stationed in Hawaii.
4. No longer fitting in my favorite {non-maternity} boyfriend-cut jeans. It was bound to happen, but I miss them.
5. Always have to sneak at least one bite of the boys' grilled cheese sandwiches.
6. One of the photos from our last dough making excursion that I showed a little of in last weeks 52 Week Photo Project post
7. Got rid of ALL of our mismatching sets of mugs and replaced them with really simple, elegant clear ones. Part of the goal to simplify!
8. Silas likes to mix paint with his hands more than he likes to make any designs on paper.
9. Caught you, Thane!
10. "For no word from God will ever fail". {Luke 1:37} Amen.
11. Chipped nail polish. It never lasts long on me.
12. Asher working on his letters. He's growing up fast!


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