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ASHER / 3 yrs / His very first painting on a canvas! He did it over a year ago, but we just brought it back with us over our last trip to Virginia and now it lives on our fireplace mantel.
EDEN /  I posted a photo for our second baby in the first 52 Weeks post, and here's another. In borrowing some kind words from a sister in Christ, "the worth of a life is not measured by it's length". We wholeheartedly agree.
SILAS / 19 mo. / This little guy is building quite a vocabulary! Until this week, he's said almost no words consistently other than "mama", "dada", and "uh-oh". But then he discovered the moon outside, which led to many, many enthusiastic "moooo" declarations, along with other words like "Willow", "bumbo", and "up".

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