It's been an interesting couple of months in the Keller household. Asher recently turned three and Silas hit the nine month mark. These both happened within a few weeks of each other and both ages have brought some exciting things with them. So, before I put it off any longer and risk forgetting the fun little details of this stage with two rowdy little boys, here's what they're doing!

First, Asher. Three! Three years The progression from one year to two years had it's highlights, but two to three has really been momentous. He's officially gone from a "nursery toddler" to a Children's Church kid. I think that was the first big thing I noticed. One, because it meant a new class, and two, because when there was no Children's Church scheduled for his first official day, he- and Silas {long story}- sat in the sanctuary with me. Totally unplanned, but sweet. They did so good, and- earmuffs, Thane- I'll admit that something about hearing a great sermon in the company of my two sweet, well behaved boys had me dreaming of another baby.

Anyway, this big step up in church for Asher really got me thinking about the other activities now available to him. Like soccer lessons! When Thane encouraged me to start getting Asher into sports, I said anything but soccer. I really don't have anything against soccer. It's the idea of getting near the "soccer-mom" realm that sends me into identity-crisis mode. I may have to compensate with a tattoo and/or purple hair dye. {Just kidding. But maybe.}

And then there's the rest of what Asher's up too... He's pretty much potty trained when he wants to be {which means almost 100% minus the occasional he-was-too-lazy-to-go-to-the-potty accident}. He also naps without a pull-up on now and does pretty good most days! Night time is a different story, but I guess it'll be a while before that changes. He also decided that he was done with the froggy potty and only uses the adult potties now {one less thing for me to clean, hallelujah!}.

He talks my ear off. His favorite phrase is "mommy! mommy! mommy!" When Thane gets home I'm hoping it'll be "daddy! daddy! daddy!" for a change. He likes to use the excuse that he's "full" for anything and everything he doesn't want to do. Even when he's hungry and has to wait a little while to eat, his excuse for needing to eat now is that he's full. Sometimes I try to explain his faulty logic but I think we have a while before he'll admit to it.

He's still into trains, cars, monster trucks, tractors, and anything mobile. His favorite books are Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Hop on Pop, David and Goliath, and anything that has to do with counting. We spend play time building train tracks, setting up/knocking down block towers, coloring {with crayons and markers now!}, finger painting, cutting and gluing, experimenting with play-doh, and drawing shapes and letters on the chalkboard table {before he threw every single piece of chalk down into the vent that's under the table, at least}. We read the bible together and recite memory verses. Asher loves numbers, so he gets a kick out of saying the chapter and verse references more so than the verse itself. He loves to see the letter "A" and point out that "there's A for Asher!" He can peel his own oranges and hard boiled eggs, and likes to do a whole slew of things independently. Occasionally we work on new things like learning how to use a measuring tape to measure and making chain-patterns out of colored paperclips.

He's in the process of giving up his afternoon naps, which means more hectic days but more relaxing evenings. Now that both boys are in bed by 8-8:30pm {instead of Asher wanting to be up until 10pm}, I can actually put my feet up and unwind.

And maybe the biggest milestone of all; the paci is gone! Praise God that one's behind us! More on that later...

An update on Silas is next!


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