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His Own Room

Silas slept in his own room for the first time last night. {He's still loving being on his tummy, by the way.} He's a couple days shy of four months and we decided that the pack 'n play was done. Not only was it's surface too uneven to seem comfortable, but I was tired of it taking up all the space next to our bed. So, since his crib is in his own room here in our Watertown house, in his room he slept! I wasn't keen on sleeping separately from him and I definitely asked to God to wake me up when he needed me. Sure enough, 4:28am rolled around and I awoke to little whimpers coming from a couple doors down.

Sleeping arrangements have actually been all over the place lately. Since we spent the last two months on a temporary Army assignment in Virginia, Silas was sleeping in the hotel-provided crib during the week and in a crib in our bedroom at the farmhouse on the weekends. I have a feeling that being in his own room will be short lived for both him and his big brother, since we plan on being back at the farmhouse in a week or two. The farmhouse is a small two bedroom place and Asher has his own room there, but he has a knack for knowing that when Thane's gone I'm apt to allow him to "seep in mommy bed". So I have a feeling that even without a husband I'll have plenty of company at night.


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