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Asher's First Backpack

Asher got his first backpack, and let me just say that seeing him wear it makes me melt! 

He's obviously not going to school anytime soon, but he needed something to pack his snacks, pull-ups, and extra change of clothes for the church nursery. For months I'd been using whatever plastic bag or reusable grocery bag I could throw together at the last minute. Finally, enough was enough and I came across this striped backpack at Target. He gets such a kick out of it! The sweetest thing about it is he totes around his voice-recorded audio book that Thane made for him right before he deployed. I love that he carries a little piece of Daddy with him everywhere he goes.

Now we just need one for Silas!

P.S. Asher's back pack is on clearance at Target right now...


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