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Asher's Antics | "Where's my baby?!"

According to some good advice from friends, when Silas was born we introduced him to Asher as "his new baby". {And he's never shown any signs of jealously, so it must have worked}. Anyway, the first couple of days when Thane brought Asher to the hospital to visit Silas and I, he didn't pay much attention to the new infant in the room- {probably because of the new monster truck that Daddy let him pick out.} Anyway, he didn't pay Silas a whole lot of attention the day we took him home, either. But then he did the cutest thing. The very next morning, he got out of his little toddler bed, walked into the hallway, and yelled "where's MY baby?!"

Just one of the little things I want to remember...

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