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Asher's Antics | Toddler Talk

Asher has a lot to say these days.
"Cooookie?! Ooooooooo I like cooookie." 
"Look dat mess!", after spilling all of his food or drink onto the ground, followed by "clean it up mama!" 
"Bye poo-poo, see ya soon!" as he watches it flush.
"I'm oooongry doh {I'm hungry though}." The first words of his mouth most mornings.
"Want bagel on my cream cheese."
"Go poo poo on the liwwle paa-yay {little potty}!" Followed by his demand for a "SPECIAL TREAT!" 
"Hey liwwle buddy!" {to Silas}
"Oh my gosh!" {To everything}
"What have?!" Anytime he sees someone with food, followed by "I wannnn some."
"Twain daaangrous." {The train that passes our driveway is "dangerous"- good teaching from Grampy.}
"Thilath have poo-poo?" He asks every time he sees me changing Silas' diaper.
"Want coc-lat {chocolate} milk." Or, conversely, "want reg-ooo-lur {regular} milk."
"Oooooo, I luuuuv _______." He loves a variety of things. Including Bahhhney the dinosaur.
"Oh maaaaaaan", at anything that disappoints him.
"O-gret" {yogurt} is his favorite breakfast food.

What are your little ones saying to crack you up these days?


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