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2.5 Years

This little guy turned two and half a couple of weeks ago. He's the one who officially plunged Thane and I into parenthood, and it's hard to believe that we've survived two and half years of feeding him, changing him, potty training him, going through the bedtime routine with him, goofing around with him, and the myriad of everything else that is parenthood.

His name means "happy and blessed", and he's lived up to that description since the day he was born. As Thane puts it- you can't steal his joy. Even when he's hurt or has to be disciplined, he bounces back to the joyful boy that he is almost immediately. He's a highly optimistic and energetic daredevil. There's no surface too high to jump from, no pile of dirt unworthy of exploration, no stick too shabby for attention. He's talking in full sentences and can repeat anything you say. His favorites phrases right now are "oh my gosh!" and "oh man!" He loves books, trucks, airplanes, tractors, fingerpaint {much to my joy}, and anything that involves water. Which reminds me- he takes showers now. At this rate, he'll be off to college next month!

He reminds me to slow down and enjoy the simple things. He trains me in the art of unselfishness.

He's a wonderful big brother. Despite our constant warnings to be gentle around his new little brother Silas {to which he responds by petting his head}, he has nothing but honorable intentions for him. Praise God that he's never shown even a hint of jealousy towards him. We pray together at bedtime that God will grant both him and his brother an abundance of brotherly love towards each other. That they would have a wonderful, God honoring relationship not just in this life, but for eternity- only through the gift of redemption through Christ. 

This is our greatest hope and prayer for our boys, that they meet Jesus and live lives of faithfulness, repentance, and obedience to Him. That they become part of His family and experience the great joy that it is to know Him. Praise be to God for His mercy and love towards myself, our family, and so many others.

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward." {Psalm 127:3}

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