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Apple Juice & Alphabet Letters

We've gotten into a new afternoon routine around here. Asher and I treat ourselves to some cold pure pressed apple juice and work on the alphabet. He doesn't seem to have the same interest in learning the ABCs as he does numbers, and for a while I sort of gave up. But I'm determined to keep engaging him in fun and productive activities- especially while he's picking things up so fast!- so I'm figuring out that we have to be a little more creative. Flash cards and alphabet books aren't holding his interest, hence the coloring sheets that I found here

On another note, it turns out that crayons are the bane of Thane's life as a dad. So, I keep them up high in Asher's bedroom where they can only be used when I'm there to get them down and supervise, and where the occasional stray crayon won't cross Thane's path. I have to admit that his disdain isn't unjustified. You might have noticed the large red streaks across the sheets in that last photo. Not to mention the "decorated" white curtains I just hung in the room. Oh, and the lines on the new chalkboard I just bought. But despite it all, I won't purge them from the house. There's something so sweet and relaxing and just plain enjoyable about sitting down and coloring with a two year old! Must be the artist in me. 

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