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Warmer Days

Our days of warm southern weather have come to a close! So far the cooler temperatures farther north {in Virginia and even what we saw in New York during our short house-hunting trip there} haven't been too rough on us. But needless to say, we're busy stocking up on plenty of warm winter gear. And after spending the last five years in Hawaii and then Georgia, there's a lot we need! But for now, a handful of photos from some of our last days down south...
2. My $1.25 bag that I first posted about here.
3. The Honey Bee! Originally bought for biking but a great walking and jogging stroller as well.
4. "1...2...3...weee!"
5. New mulch on the playground.
6. Hand in hand.
7. Digging.
8. Grubby fingers.
9. The second before his tumble...
10. Newly manicured nails {thanks to my husband surprising me with a spa package!}

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