We've had a crazy few weeks since starting the PCS/moving process in the beginning of this month, but I wanted to post some snapshots of some of the recent happenings in New York. I still have a lot of photos from our time there that I haven't had a chance to post, but hopefully it'll happen when things slow down a little. Right now we're busy busy busy soaking up time with family in Virginia, but in less than two weeks it'll be time to head over to Germany. Hard to believe!

1. A vintage purse that ended up on the wall instead of in my closet.
2. A muddy faced Asher, from the same batch of photos as his weekly portrait from a couple of weeks ago.
3. The complete collection of Winnie the Pooh. Not quite one of our boys' favorites {Asher's into superheroes and Silas is into trains}, but Pooh definitely holds a spot in my heart!
4. Silas sporting an outfit gifted to Finn. Couldn't stand to wait long enough for Finn to fit into it!
5. Came across all the leftover favor bags from Asher's birthday party when we were getting ready to have our house packed up a couple of weeks back. Might as well have found a chest full of gold as far as the boys were concerned.
6. Cleaned out my accessories drawer. One step closer to a simpler, less cluttered life! Read more about that goal here.
7. As much as I love his new short hair, I can't help but miss those curls a little.
8. Silas' own personal moon.
9. Playing with paint.
10. One of greatest {and worst!} parts about having a house on the market- keeping things as clean as possible- including decluttered bathroom counter tops. 
11. Speaking of the moon, here Silas is pointing one out. It's his absolute favorite thing to spot in a book!
12. Fresh white bedding.


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