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ASHER / 4 yrs / Smiling for the camera and jumping on the bed; always a good combination! We recently bought two twin sized beds, one for Asher and one for Silas, but so far Silas is more than happy to stay in the crib in the other room. So Asher has a field day having TWO beds all to himself. At least until we get to Germany.

PHINEHAS / 6 weeks / I haven't quite caught it on camera, but he's starting to smile! He's also much more wakeful most days and sleeping fairly well at night, {with a few exceptions, of course...when are kids ever totally predictable?}

SILAS / 23 mo. / Everyone deserves a chair that's just their size! This little vintage school chair is mostly used for climbing up onto Thane and I's bed, but this week it was a great prop for our photos. By the way, Silas technically has a few more days until he hits two, but he has fully arrived to his terrible two stage. Asher seemed to skip that altogether, so this is new {and scary} territory for us.


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