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PHOTO*JOURNAL | 05.09.2015

Hi, friends. It's been a while since I've shared a batch of photos like this, mostly because getting them edited and organized and arranged is surprisingly time consuming! Which is why I've been posting more to my Instagram account lately, so definitely pop over there to see more frequent updates. But anyway, I love capturing these ordinary, everyday moments and putting them together in a way that quietly celebrates the blessing of family life at home. I have to admit that a lot of my days as a stay at home mom feel like a whirlwind of activity, and it's easy to get lost in all of the "doing" and lose sight of how special it is. But despite it's non-stop, day in and day out nature, it's an absolute privilege to be a wife and a mom and to strive to do it in a way that honors our amazing God. Especially when I can look back and remember that it's often the seemingly simple things that turn out to be best things in life.

1. Is it just me, or are the rest of the moms constantly telling their kids to put their shoes back on?
2. We've been trying to get our fruits, veggies, and nuts via smoothies lately. It's pretty easy to slip some kale and carrots in there without too many complaints from the boys.
3. An old photo of Silas from last winter that I never got around to posting. It was really cute when he started riding around the house on that truck.
4. I've finally put my Hunter's away for the year. I wore them pretty much every single day this past winter because they didn't require any bending over or tying! Not to mention they're waterproof, and those are three very good things when you're in the third trimester and living in the North Country.
5. We've started coloring a lot again, it's one of my personal favorite things to do with the boys! Easy, simple, and relaxing. At least until the crayons turn into wall art or a snack for Silas...
6. This was the side of the chalk wall that was not supposed to be drawn on. Haha, oh well!
7. I love a man in flannel.
8. Some recent paintings by Asher.
9. Phinehas, right around three weeks old!
10. Silas has figured out how to get onto all of the beds with the help of his little school chair.
11. This is the owl that inspired this drawing.
12. A photo that was taken by accident but actually turned out kind of pretty.
13. Baby feet! Finn's, to be more specific. I love it when you finally get to see the little feet that you've felt kicking from the inside.


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