I remember meeting my sweet friend Heather like it was yesterday. She came over for dinner with her husband, her two daughters, and a little boy who was so close to being born that he might as well have been in her arms. She was an instant inspiration- immediately striking me as the gentle, humble, and faithful daughter of Christ that I've known her as ever since. And it amazes me that when I met her just a few short years ago she was a mom of two, because now she's a mom of five! She's been entrusted with four precious girls and the one little guy we met a few short days after our first dinner together. It's been a couple of years since we both moved on from Georgia, but it's fun to see photos of her growing family from afar. And occasionally, I get the privilege of gleaning a little bit of her wisdom as well! She shared some of that wisdom recently, and it was so humbling and encouraging that I asked her if I could share it with you. So, enough from me. Please take a moment and be blessed by the amazing perspective of a wife and mom who faithfully walks with Christ, trusting Him with her very full hands.

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I don't have time to write a blog. Sometimes I don't even have time to write a complete sentence without someone calling for me. However, I am thankful that God has been growing more and more patience within me. You always hear that you are not supposed to ask for patience, but I know I need it, even if at times the cultivating part of it is quite painful. That said, a certain someone walked across the kitchen just moments ago with her arms full of dog bowls, sloshing water left and right as she headed for the door. You know what? I didn't inwardly flinch and outwardly gripe, as I usually do. Some people ask me how I handle the kids. How do I sacrifice my free-time? How do any of us moms even find time to shower? Well, I am learning that the sacrifices we make are so worth it, because this whole parenting thing actually teaches me more about myself than anything. It helps rid me of selfishness. It makes me a servant in so many ways. I hope that one day that's what the kids will see too. They will see a very imperfect Momma who leans deeply into our sweet Jesus to meet their needs. Hopefully that is an encouragement to someone today. Hugs! -Heather

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I love how she started with "I don't have time to write a blog", haha! There have been plenty of times even with only one or two kids that I haven't had the time or energy either, so I totally commiserate with that. I'm so thankful that right now I'm in a season of motherhood that's grown to be relatively easy and that affords me a little bit of free time for things like this. But that will change soon enough, when we welcome our next little boy to the pack and then head off to our next duty station. And when that happens, I want to remember Heather's words of encouragement. Because it is worth it. Not just for the sakes of our children- they're obviously a huge, important part of it- but also for the sake of becoming more like Christ through caring for those less capable than ourselves. Just as He cares for us in our own relentless need of Him.

Thanks again, Heather, for your amazing example!


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