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Where do I begin... Silas is so sweet. And bright-eyed. And somewhat stubborn and quick tempered at times, not to mention very attached to his mother right now. {But slowly getting better with new people the more time he spends with our extended family- we're down south with them for a little bit!} He's quick to smile and his smile melts my heart! Every time. Especially when I catch his eye from across a room and his head gets to bobbing up and down with excitement. Which reminds me, he loves to dance! Oh my goodness, as soon as he hears music he sways his head and his arms back and forth.

In stark contrast to his big brother {the fruit lover}, he's a meat and potatoes kind of guy. He's starting to warm up to fruit, but give him chicken or a meatball and he can't get it shoveled into his mouth fast enough. And if he really loves it, he does a very aggressive scream-grunt number between bites until the next fork-full is delivered. The same for potatoes, and he'll even eat veggies- like asparagus- happily {where did this boy come from?} Since we've been on vacation, he's been introduced to Cheerios and is one happy little boy come breakfast time. I think his favorite part about them is the fact that he gets to sit and eat them by himself...actually, he's started preferring to eat all food himself, and feeding time has become a bit of a battle of wills.

He's been doing a combination of the Army crawl and butterfly kick to get around for the last month or so. He also does a mean Chinese split. He says little things like "ball, da, and ba", etc. No real words yet, of course, but I'm trying to teach him "daddy" so that he's all ready for Thane a few months from now. He has four teeth and a fifth that just came through. He likes to use his sippy cup and toothbrush as a teether, and definitely notices when a tooth is coming in {unlike Asher, who didn't bat an eye}. He's never taken a pacifier- which is kind of a good thing since Asher gave his up quite reluctantly a month or two ago and would certainly be tempted to snag Silas' if he had one- but he does suck on his lower lip.

He has little features that remind me of his daddy; his chocolate brown eyes, the shape of his face and his feet and toes, and maybe even some of his personality traits {did I mention that he can be a little particular at times? ha!}.

He just started handing things back to me. With a huge grin on his face he occasionally wants to hand back a bite of food or a toy. If he keeps it up we won't have to worry about teaching him to share!

I can't believe he's less than a month and a half away from turning one. One! Honestly, these past six months or so have been somewhat of a blur. Even though I've had almost no idle time to dwell or mope, time has revolved around waiting for the deployment to end. I'm excited for the day Thane comes home and we have a "grown up" Silas. One who is {in my daydreams} trailing behind Asher and running up to see his daddy when we get that first glimpse of him after nine+ months of separation. And now that we're getting somewhat close to it, I'm wondering where the last six months went... It's by no means gone fast, yet we'll have a baby-turned-toddler before we know it. I thank God that Silas has been such a sweet, sweet comfort to me, and a source of joy to Asher! 

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