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Handy Husband

I haven't shared much about the new house because frankly, life has been a whirlwind these past few months and we're still settling in. But I do want to take the time to brag on my very handy husband. Since we moved into this old Victorian a few months back, he's tackled quite a to-do list. So far he has:

> Torn up old, nasty carpet from five rooms and a flight of stairs, and replaced it with beautiful hickory flooring {three bedrooms, an office, and the laundry room. Just one more bedroom to go!}.

> Painted the back staircase white after tearing up the carpet.

> Installed blinds.
> Repaired a toilet plus installed a new one {as well as installed new toilet seats- I never knew how nice of an improvement it would be over the cheap plastic ones that were here when we first moved in}.
> Repaired a leaky garbage disposal.
> Had both sets of our front doors switched around so that the glass doors are now on the outside. This means we can open up the inner ones and let lots of nice light in during the day.

> Installed a new exterior door in our basement.
> Installed new locks.
> Replaced the old refrigerator with a beautiful new stainless steel one! We called that my mother's day gift.
> Repaired a leaky bathroom sink.
> Planted the shrub he bought me to celebrate Silas' birth.

And all of this in between super long work days, being out of town for close to a month's worth of training, and welcoming a new baby to the family. {Not to mention the countless times he and the rest of us have been battling sickness and allergies. Welcome to Upstate New York!}

There's still so much we want to tackle! Including:

> Paint, paint, paint! Every single room upstairs needs to be painted {right there there's a hodge-podge of not so great colors going on}, plus about 50% of the downstairs.
> Add hardware to the kitchen cabinets.

> Add quarter rounds to the perimeter of each room with the new hickory flooring.
> Remove the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad striped wallpaper that lines our center hallway, and paint the burgundy chair rail underneath it.

> Install a new showers in both bathrooms upstairs. {We have two bathrooms upstairs, one with a whirlpool tub and lots of space, one with a tiny stand up shower and almost no space. Not the most functional features of the house, unfortunately...}
> Build a sub-floor in the attic {it's a walk-up} and add insulation before winter hits.

We've still got our work cut out for us, but it's been amazing to see how much we {and we I say we I mean mostly Thane}, have been able to accomplish. So praise God!

Thanks for reading!

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