We made it! 

It's been a crazy six weeks since we packed up and left New York in early June and there's been almost ZERO time for blogging. But if you've followed me on Instagram or Facebook you've probably seen these and a handful of other photos of some of our first adventures in Germany. And all I can say so far is OH, MY. Moving overseas is no walk in the park, and it involves so much more than just the traveling.

Speaking of the traveling- WOW. Here's how it went. We woke up the morning of June 30th and got our packing finished. We left the house in Virginia at 2:30pm to make the drive to the airport in Baltimore. We arrived in Baltimore at about 6pm and got in line to be able to check in at 8pm for our 2:45am flight. Yes- you heard that right- our 2:45am flight- with all three of our kids. After checking in at 8pm, as we were told to do, we went through security and got to the gate in order to wait until boarding time, which was at 1:15am. Except instead of boarding the plane at 1:15am, a lovely announcement informed us that our flight was delayed. By FOUR HOURS. Most of the people in the terminal let out a yell of shock while Thane and I took the quiet, already-too-beaten-down-to-do-anything-but-accept-our-fate-and-sit-silently approach as the news sunk in. So after about twelve hours of waiting in the airport, we finally boarded the plane around 5am and took off around 6am. We flew for six or so hours and landed in Ramstein around 7pm local time, where we sat at in the airport waiting on luggage and doing in-processing for three hours. Once we finally got into a hotel room around 10pm, we had just enough time to get the boys settled down and sleep for about six hours before it was time to get back up and start traveling again. We were super fortunate to get a van ride the rest of the way to Grafenwohr, which took about four hours. That was followed by a little more in-processing, and then- praise God- we made it to the hotel room we're now calling home for at least the next month.

LONGEST. TRIP. EVER. And this transition is nowhere near over.

But we made it. And boy, Bavaria is beautiful! One of the first things I noticed was the real, working shutters on homes, as well as the gorgeous flowers in lots of the windows.

An the bakeries? Yum! We've been eating good this past week, to say the least.

This chapter in our lives is obviously just getting started, so I'm sure there will be lots to share along the way. I think I could write a whole book about everything involved in an overseas move just based on these last couple of months! But that's another post, haha. In the meantime, we're so thankful for all of the wonderful family and friends {and even strangers} who've helped us, not to mention a thousand little graces along the way. God is good, and- if I can find a few spare minutes- I'll be back with more to share soon!


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