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Alright, well, I realized that if I waited to get caught up on all the weeks I've missed between when we first moved from New York to now, this photo project just wasn't going to get back up and running at all. So, I still want to try to get caught up once I have a real computer again {this laptop I'm working on is SO slow and hard to use, not to mention it doesn't have Photoshop}. But until then we're just going to pick up at week 30 and plug along.

SILAS / 2 yrs / Making silly faces and sporting his new railroad striped overalls. By the way, he's saying lots of new words and little phrases these days! Even an occasional "please", which is always nice to hear. Also, in case you missed it, I just posted more details about him here.

PHINEHAS / 3.5 mo. / I just have to mention that Finn started giggling on his three month birthday a couple of weeks back. I love it when the little ones first start to laugh!

ASHER / 4 yrs / He got his first real hair cut this week! Real meaning not-buzzed-by-mom, haha. He looks like such a grown up little boy.


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