This is Willowby! It turns out that our adventures in dog ownership didn't end so quickly after all. The day we returned Jasper, we somewhat unexpectedly returned home with this eight week old Aussie Doodle. 

As soon as we got this little guy home, I took him to see the vet and got quite a surprise. Willowby is a GIRL, not a boy! Hahaha. I won't even go into how that happened, but I have to say that something about finding out that we had a little girl in the family melted my heart. And it was timely considering that the very next day we found out we're having a third little boy! I call it God's way of "balancing the powers". We had to adjust her name- originally it was Willoughby Jack, and now it's more like Willowby Jane, or Willow for short. Asher still calls her Jack occasionally, but that's okay.

I have to admit that 1) I'm not a dog person, and 2) when we decided to get a dog, a puppy was not what I had in mind. I definitely did some nervous second guessing, wondering what in the world we got ourselves into and how in the world I was going to house train a dog in the midst of everything else I can barely keep up with. But the Lord is good and lately He's been teaching me to embrace optimism and take some risks. And you know what? His grace always sees us through, even in the simple things like getting a new family pet. There has definitely been some extra work and adjusting involved, but Willowby is so so sweet. Thane and I love her, the boys love her, and she's a wonderful, fun companion to all of us. My only regret is that I didn't know she was a girl in time to buy her a pink collar! Maybe for Christmas...


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