The boys and I have been busy making this little farmhouse our own. We've been living here for a little over three weeks now, and what started as a blank slate is gradually looking more and more like us. The kitchen has a small bar that now belongs to Asher. He eats his breakfast here, draws and colors here, listens to the bible here, plays with his cars on the carpet. I'm usually bustling about the kitchen, but sometimes I even sit down and enjoy this little spot with him.

This is what it looked like in the beginning;

And it's still a work in progress.

But it's coming along. 

It's nice to keep it stocked with fun things. Like a big roll of paper and some containers filled with crayons, cars, and window markers. Even the bunny {that I made in middle school shop class} and that Asher recently painted. Speaking of painting, this room started with all white walls. You can hardly tell in these photos, but the new color on the wall in the 'after' pictures is a light aqua-gray. I'm happy to say to say that I'm happy with it! {I hardly have to time to be painting walls these days, let alone repainting them.} I mulled over shades for a little while but ended up matching it to a color in the kitchen rug. That's a fail-proof as it gets.

This space is by no means 'done'. I'd love to hang up a shelf and some art, as well as some cork board to tack up Asher's arts and crafts. But we still have 35 weeks to weather this deployment, so, God willing, there's plenty of time for the finishing touches. And we're so grateful for what He's provided for us here while we wait.

What spaces in your home are you working on these days?


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