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Abide | Psalm 65:11 | Harvest

Ever read a verse that resonates so perfectly that Jesus might as well be whispering it into your ear? That's how I felt about Psalm 65:11. "You crown the year with Your goodness, And Your paths drip with abundance." This verse was an instant infusion of peace when I happened across it a few weeks before Thane left for Afghanistan. It couldn't have been more timely in the midst of the angst that plagued those last days. And God continues to send me quiet reminders that even though we're separated from Thane, we're not separated from Him. And no matter what the circumstances, He is good.

Speaking of which, life on the farm has literally dripped with goodness. It's been a little shy of three weeks since we said our goodbyes in New York and drove to Virginia. We wake up to a quiet, peaceful landscape with tall corn as far as we can see. We're still settling in and working on regaining a rhythm, so most days tend to feel a bit overwhelming. But there's plenty of time for exploring the farm and spending evenings with grandparents {all four are here!}. Talk about a priceless 'commodity'. If it weren't for the gaping hole of Thane's absence, I'd be tempted to call this Heaven on earth.

Speaking of corn and commodities, today is harvest day! In a very short time, the acres and acres of corn covered land will be bare and open. So Asher and I spent a little extra time outside yesterday evening {while Silas napped} to enjoy the scenery before it all comes down. Digging in the dirt is his new favorite thing to do, so he stayed happily occupied with that while I snapped a few photos of the high stalks. 


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