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Ah, moving. Cleaning out drawers, organizing clutter, filling holes in the walls. Embracing the chaos and letting go of having a clean, orderly house. This past couple of weeks has been a flurry of all of this, and praise God that we've sucessfully completed the first big phase of our move up north {to Fort Drum, NY}. We've packed up {with a little a lot of help from moving companies- that's the way it's done in the Army}, and cleared out of our Georgia home. So many sweet memories here...I've been taking lots and lots of pictures this past month, trying to preserve every wonderful knook and cranny of this place where Jesus has blessed us so abundantly. But at the end of the day, a house is just a house, and it's really our church  family and wonderful friends and neighbors that we'll miss. For those of you we've left behind- praise God for you and we'll cherish you always!

The photos.
1. I actually started to enjoy having a messy, care free desk.
2. Enjoying the little bit of extra natural light coming through the windows after taking all of the curtains down.
3. Oh, the infamous kitchen-miscellaneous-drawer. It has been conquered once and for all! {Till the next house comes along, anyway.}
4. Asher just learned how to make an owl sound and loves to get his hands on this little guy.
5. The result of a cleaning out the miscellaneous drawer!
6. The view on our routine walk back home from the playground.
7. Staging for the move.
8. Goodbye, Georgia home!

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