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Hubby's Personalized Pregnancy Announcement

When news of our third pregnancy came {praise the Lord!), I wanted to throw something fun together to announce it to Thane. I didn't have much time to plan, but made this whimsical little display out of things we already had on hand.

It was early October, so I used the orange sticks from Asher's nursery- in keeping with the fall season- and some balloons left over from his birthday the previous year. I ran out to the store in search of a celebratory drink and found Virgil's Orange Cream soda {we're big fans of the original Virgil's cream soda}.
As you can see, I made this kooky branch-balloon display and hand made the announcement cards with a pencil and card stock from my craft supply. Unfortunately, he had no clue he was supposed to open and read them one at a time, and I was too excited to remember to tell him! But he knew what was going on immediately, so I guess they were more for show than anything...

All in all, it was a fun, free {except for the cream soda}, memorable way to share the news with Thane! What about you? I want to hear what you did?


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